Pages from The Manuscript by Paul Miller for Channel 4’s Utopia

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White Blank Page - Mumford & Sons

Tell me now, where was my fault,
In loving you with my whole heart?

I’m over-caffeinated and forgot to sleep again.

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I think it’s time we blow this scene, get everybody and their stuff together… okay, three, two, one, let’s jam.


Avatar the last Airbender cat universe!

Beware of C O M B U S T I O N   C A T
(Or, if preferred, sparky-sparky-boom-cat)

joannahei said: silly animal gifs! baked goods like banana pancakes! both have kept me going so far thru my daily existentialist crisis. sunday funday…

barefootandcolorful said: Cats. Really good hot chocolate. Tea and blankets on a dreary day. Lavender in bloom.

thatoneguyunderthebridge said: Espresso based monster and roleplaying. Basically what gives me reason to live at this stage.

Thanks guys, I gave a few of these a go and they definitely helped.

I haven’t slept and I feel pathetic.
Someone give me a reason to live.